We can make your podcast stand out

Audio/Video Podcast Production

The key to any great podcast is content but if no one can make out what you’re saying it’s all wasted. This is where we come in. We will make sure that the best equipment is available to you and that you look and sound as good as possible. We’ll also add our experience and knowhow to the recording and editing process. You have a lot to say to the world and we want to make sure that you’re heard loud and clear.

Project Development

You may have noticed that a lot of podcasts have popped up in the last couple of years. There are a whole bunch of great shows out there and you want yours to stand out from the crowd. We can help. We’ll help you ideate and create the best concept for your audience. Don’t know who your audience is? We can help there too. The key to any successful podcast is discovering your niche and creating the best content in that space. We can help you develop your show from idea to distribution. There might be 80 podcasts about the mating habits of ants but yours will be the most developed and unique.

Podcast Editing

Amazon ran a sweet sale on that Yeti mic you had your eye on and even though you have perfect diction and a voice that would make Patrick Warburton jealous, you still don’t like the way it sounds. That’s where we come in. We can take the content you create in your home office and make it sound like it was recorded in a million dollar studio. All those ums and uhs and coughs will magically disappear.

Miscellaneous Production Services

You have the best podcast you can possibly produce and your area of expertise has never been explained in the eloquent and thoughtful way you explain it. Now you need to present it to the world. We can help you craft the most engaging artwork for your show, still pictures, video for promotion, you name it. The world at large wants to know who they’re listening to and we can help them discover who you are. Our abilities include but are not limited to video, photography, show intro, logo creation, show art, episode art, platform submission, and training.

Discounts available!

We can offer a little help

We've got discounts for those that qualify!

✔ Students
✔ Military
✔Non Profits

1st Audio Podcast

We offer discounts for your first 10 episodes!

Getting started on your first show? We can help you out!

✔ One day studio time
✔ Up to 10 recordings
✔ Basic edits
✔ Upload to preferred destination

1st Video Podcast

We offer discounts for your first 10 episodes!

Getting started on your first show? We can help you out!

✔ One day studio time
✔ Up to 10 recordings
✔ Basic edits
✔ Upload to preferred destination


We’re a group of production professionals.

We’re dedicated to helping thought leaders in every walk of life bring their expertise to bear through audio and visual podcasting.

Feel free to come hang out in the studio and record multiple episodes.

Or you simply want to send us the material you’ve recorded, we can take what you bring to the table and elevate it.


We can do it all



Seriously, we can do it all.

You need headshots for your show? Covered.

You want to record a scratch music demo and don’t have space or gear? Done.

If you can think it, we can likely do it.


Fair prices. Excellent service.


$150one time fee
  • 1 day studio time
  • Up to 10 recordings
  • Basic edit for each
  • Upload to prefered destination


$250one time fee
  • 1 day studio time
  • Up to 10 recordings
  • Basic edit for each
  • Upload to prefered destination


  • 1 Year Of Studio Access
  • Gear Rental Included
  • $100 Discount For Full Day Use
  • $50 Discount For Half Day Use


$200one time fee
  • Determine Format
  • Develop Content
  • Create Show Art
  • Set Up Social Media


Highly qualified specialists

Karl Huber

Co-Founder and Production Specialist


Karl has always had a passion for inspiring others and helping them to do their best with what they have. He has over 30 years of experience in lighting and sound and over 25 years in video. When he isn’t working, Karl enjoys being outside in nature, catching up on movies, and learning new things to improve himself. He would say, ‘he knows a little about a lot of things’, but truth be told; he is a hard worker with a wealth of information. Karl truly enjoys helping others achieve their dreams and share what keeps them up at night.

Blake Headshot

Blake Hodges

Host and Creative Specialist


Blake was on the debate team in college so he loves to talk and exchange new ideas. He enjoys hosting the PodStudio1 Podcast for the very same reason. Hosting allows him to engage in stimulating conversation with a ton of new people. When he isn’t in the studio you can likely find him at the movies, stuffing his face with as much popcorn as possible. You can see his movie reviews on his Instagram. 

kelly rae

Kelly Rae Huber

Co-Founder and Image Specialist


Kelly Rae is a real Southerner, lover of Nature, her family, and Jesus. She is a photographer, painter, and writer who enjoys spending her time exploring the outdoors and creating art in multiple mediums. It has been her hope, since she was young, to express and share her love of life through photography, writing, and fine arts. The motto Kelly tries to live by is “Always Hope, Have Faith, Dream Big, Live Well, Laugh, and Spend time with those you love. Be Thankful no matter what and always treat one another well.”


Bill Segroves

Content and Development Specialist


Content comes in many shapes and sizes and how it’s managed is key to an organization’s success. Bill has the ability to see opportunity in content creation, relevance, and impact. Bill thrives on collaboration. From creating comic books, playing in a band, and managing contributors on various websites, he’s no stranger to cultivating relationships in the pursuit of a singular goal. Collaboration brings conflict, however, but some of the best art comes from that exchange of ideas. Bill’s job is to help those ideas flourish so that your project can too.



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